Future War Cult Weapon Review I

Kinetic Weapons

True Prophecy

d2trueprophecyMax impact with recoil to match, the True Prophecy boasts impressive stats: second-in-class range, second-in-class stability, second-in-class inventory and second-in-class recoil direction. While the numbers are in this gun’s favor, its ease-of-use will be overshadowed by the buttery Better Devils and the swift boost capabilities of Old Fashioned.

True Prophecy’s strengths lie in its ability to pester opponents. As such, this hand cannon isn’t necessarily one that a player should use as their main weapon, but rather one that the player uses to either dump high amounts of damage in as few shots as possible or abuse the explosions caused by Timed Payload. Despite the high recoil direction, the aggressive kick of the weapon to 11 o’clock means that, as firefights extend, they become more difficult to win.

A decent firearm to use in a support role, players can take advantage of Timed Payload’s flinch properties (not too unlike Explosive Rounds) to disrupt enemies from different angles. Timed Payload also slightly reduces the amount of hiding and peeking that enemies can perform without risk. Timed Payload proximity explosions don’t deal high damage, but pause the recovery timer for players, placing this gun squarely in the hands of passive disruptors.

Enigma’s Draw

d2enigmasdrawSize might actually matter. With the highest body-shot TTK and the second-highest optimal TTK for sidearms, Enigma’s Draw is packing about as much heat as it looks like it is. With no standout stats aside from its high aim assist and recoil direction, Enigma’s Draw relies on its perks to carry it above other kinetic sidearms.

Enigma’s Draw relies entirely upon its perks to become effective. Kinetic sidearms are all currently in an abysmal position compared to the more flexible energy sidearms. Belonging to the same impact archetype, kinetic sidearms having restrictive optimal time-to-kill conditions paired with high times-to-kill overall means that they are strictly meant for use as a last resort in a firefight. High-Caliber Rounds and Zen Moment make it difficult for someone on their last legs to pull out a miracle win on you when you have the advantage, but the gun has much more difficulty in straight up firefights. Strike from the side to knock someone’s vision off balance with High-Caliber Rounds and then use the extra stability from Zen Moment to rapid fire as they run to claim the KO.

Unfortunately, Enigma’s Draw has a hard time vying for a spot as a support weapon. Truly a means of last resort, if one were to examine this gun in a vacuum, it is carried only by a stellar perk selection. Compared to other kinetic sidearms, it still comes out on top–again, because of the perks. When to compared to all sidearms, though, Enigma’s Draw takes a serious dive. Things get even more grim when comparing Enigma’s Draw to other kinetic weapons one could be using for support. If you’re looking specifically for a reliable kinetic sidearm, Enigma’s Draw should be your top choice, but if you’re looking for virtually any other kind of gun classified in any other kind of way, I don’t imagine this weapon would make the cut for any category.

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